Ministry of Radiance was created with a desire (a longing, really) to break-down old and harmful religious structures and begin a new conversation within spirituality, femininity, intimacy, and love. 

I am a woman of Christ. I do not, however, consider myself a Christian.

I’ll tell you the short part of my story…I grew up in a very dogmatic, fear-based Christian religion. I left that church when I was 22. At 24, God appeared to me in a death dream, and upon waking up He showed me how every single person on this planet (including my parents) are His children. He showed me that it was not up to me to take personally how I played a role in the lessons they came here to learn…and encouraged me to keep focus on my own lessons. This was one of the most profound moments I have had with Him to date. From that day on, I dedicated my life to finding him in places I never looked before, my own personal prayer practice (in such a deeper way), walking on the streets of New York, making love with my man, singing songs with my guitar in front of groups of people, writing poems on Sunday mornings, I even felt him in my most painful moments of heartbreak (I will tell this story someday soon on the podcast).

This is an important turn in my story…

A few years into my searching for Him, through a series of events, I ended up leaving Him behind. Or maybe he stepped back away from me, I’m not sure which one it was (again, I will tell this story soon). But I lived in a way where I could no longer feel Him in anything. I began going to psychics for guidance. Oracle cards. Plant medicines and sometimes straight drugs. He was nowhere to be found. I became angry and confused. Most of all, I felt an endless hole in my heart and my soul…trying my best to compensate for this by filling my days with pointless journaling and toxic romantic relationships. This is hard for me to admit. As much as I glorified myself and MY ability to manifest great things, I was unaware of my pain, deep-down, I was a lost and what we could say ‘Godless’ woman in this time of my life.

After a series of painful breakups, I woke up one day and heard God’s voice once again. I almost didn’t know what to do! He asked me to open my bible and begin reading Proverbs and Psalms, every day.

He asked me to reach out to a mentor I’d worked with two years prior, and he asked me to go on a new journey with him to go much deeper than I’d ever gone before.

He called me back. And I said Yes.

The most important themes in my life, and THE reason why we are here today in the Ministry of Radiance, is that I am a teacher of learning about the human heart, deepening intimacy, improving relationships, and discovering what it means to relax into our femininity (rather than force our way through life, constantly oscillating between confusion and exhaustion.)

I was confused because I didn’t understand who God really was. I was still viewing him from the perspective that the religious institutions taught me. I was exhausted because I didn’t know that God had my back in ways I was never taught.

It has been a wild and beautiful ride, and it’s only just begun.

I infused my entire life with God as my foundation and took this femininity work around the nation.

I’m very excited you are here reading this…

I will often use scripture as a way to discuss certain topics. I will occasionally preach about femininity and God. I will ask you questions that I may not answer for you. Together, through our group discussions, we’ll push the edges of what’s considered ‘normal and acceptable’ and redefine our relationships with God, redefine womanhood, our relationships with our loved ones, and our feminine sensuality in a way that is truthful and feels right…and, in a way that is practical and applicable to real life.

This is a place to learn how to improve actual aspects of our life so that we can feel more, feel better, and feel empowered to do life from a place of ease, play, and strength.

• If you’re confused about where God is taking you in your life next
• If you’re experiencing pain or confusion in a romantic relationship
• If you’re unsure about what this whole femininity thing is
• If you’re tired and exhausted from your everyday working routines
• If you’re anxious and feeling lonely and need a group of women who really get you…

I welcome you to the Ministry of Radiance.


Interpret in the way that feels right for you:

“Then you will look and be radiant, your heart will throb and swell with joy; the wealth on the seas will be brought to you, to you the riches of the nations will come.” Isaiah 60:5 NIV


How To Work With Lauren

If you are interested to see how the Ministry of Radiance can help you grow, you can check out these ways to work with us:

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Radiance Monthly Membership

Learn more about our Radiance Monthly group where Lauren hosts Sunday Sermons on topics of Femininity and Intimacy, Mid-week group coaching Q&A calls, and once-per-month (advanced) life goal setting workshops.

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Women’s Retreats

Learn more about our 5-day retreats that take you and a group of women through a process of deepening your understanding of Devotion and Intimacy – Devotion to life, yourself, your love life, and God.

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Home Visits

Learn more about our Home Visits, where Lauren will fly to your residence and will walk you through a 4-day transformation with you, your home environment, wardrobe, and your overall expression of Femininity and Love.